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DRUGS AND STUDENTS Intoxicating substances—Tobacco, Marijuana, Opium and Wine are not new to man. Since ages these intoxicants have been in use in various forms. The use of tobacco for instance has been prevalent amongst all strata of society whether rich or poor. Marijuana (ganja) was used by our sages for transcendental meditation. Opium was used by the Chinese, particularly, the poor workmen to relax after a day’s backbreaking labour. Like tobacco, wine also had universal usage. The question arises, if intoxicants have been in wide use since long past, why now growing, possessing, buying and selling, and consuming some of these substances and their derivatives (termed as narcotic drugs) are held as illegal and the related acts criminal? The answer is, there is a dividing line between the right use and misuse of these intoxicant substances. Today, the misuse has far exceeded their right use and has acquired an alarming dimension due to the efforts of unscrupulous and antisocial elements in every country. It is to arrest this threat to the health and well-being of the society that the narcotic control and anti-narcotic laws had to be framed. Let us examine what is the dividing line between the genuine use of intoxicants and their abuse. Occasionally, taking a...
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