Essay about E-EDUCATION

Jose John June 1, 2016 No Comments
E-EDUCATION Information Technology has made information about any even or phenomena taking place at any place in the world at any time, available to any person anywhere is the basis of knowledge acquisition process has therefore tremendously benefited by the advent of information technology. Virtual Bank of Experts—in the case of formal education, the main determining factor about the quality of education is the quality of the teaching material, curriculum and course contents. In a conventional system, the teaching material is designed and developed by the expert sources available in a particular academic institution or University. In education scenario the contents of various courses can be prepared by virtual bank of experts. The experts from all over the world can participate through Internet meetings and discussions. The contents seated can be stored on servers and be made available to any University anywhere in the world. The second prerequisite of good education system is the expert teachers. In countries like India, mere is tremendous shortage of teachers particularly in remote areas. The students are deprived of good education for want of both material and teachers. The Integrated Internet Education System of e-education delivers the courses to the students directly at their doorstep using various tools like multimedia and virtual reality....
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