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E-GOVERNANCE STANDS FOR EFFICIENCY AND PROMPTNESS Information Technology has made a decisive impact on every branch of human life with both the Central and State Governments making every effort to introduce e-governance, thus ensuring efficiency, promptness, transparency and better citizen-friendly interface. Not all the States are making headway at the same pace, but it cannot be gainsaid that every Department at the Centre and every state is making frantic efforts to make the life of the citizen less cumbersome by best utilizing the tools of information technology. Appreciable progress has been made in land registration, motor vehicles departments, railways and utility bills payment centres. The Union Department of Information Technology is creating a national portal encompassing information on different services extended by the Central and State Governments. This is part of the IT initiative being undertaken by the Government with a view to providing convenience, efficiency, transparency and reliability in the services. At the ninth National E-governance Conference held in February 2006, the Union IT Secretary, Mr. Brijesh Kumar outlined the plan for setting up web-enabled common service centres at one lakhs locations in rural areas. The project envisages an expenditure of Rs. 6,000 crore and generation of direct employment to four lakhs people. A national level services-agency is...
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