English_Master April 12, 2016 No Comments
E-MAIL – ETIQUETTE AND EXCELLENCE Ever since Sabeer Bhatia had invented the E-mail, the snail mail had taken the back seat! Here is how to brush up one’s basic code and etiquette of E-mail manners? Gone are the days when people used to visit post offices to drop a letter which reached the recipient the next day or more than that, depending on the distance it has to travel. E-mail, besides saving money and our time, is incredibly quicker than lightning and there is no chance of them going astray. However, a good E-mail has certain code of principle and ethics. To begin with, like ordinary letters, incorporate the salutations as, dear friend/sir/madam/uncle/ aunty and so on. Never forget to mention the subject in the respective column. It is a must. Address the recipient correctly. Ensure that your mail is error free. Do not use ‘2B’ in lieu of ‘to be/ a short, so-called fancy form. It is like aborting a child in the womb. It takes some time for the reader to screw up his/ her mind to decipher them. And it is irritating, too. Some people type/key the mail all in capital letters. Experts say that it is irksome to the recipient, like bawling inside a library....
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