ECONOMIC REFORMS: Essay Writing Topics

Jose John May 14, 2016 No Comments
ECONOMIC REFORMS Economic Reforms are not ends in it. Its success is appraised on the whetstone of whether it has been able to better the quality of life of all the people for whom these reforms are meant. While one school of opinion avers that effects of reforms on the overall population of India will be slow and steady, critics say that reforms have made the rich richer and the poor poorer. The reforms were launched at a time when in the words of Mr. Manmohan Singh, “it was recognized that the old economic instrument had become instrument of harassment, delay and corruption and had to be changed.” Now fifteen years later we have bounced back. We can be proud of trade reforms, abolition of licensing, opening up of industries to the private sector and financial reforms. The changes are more perceptible in our urban landscape where owners of two wheelers have switched over to Maruti, Santro, Sumo and Qualis. As sleek cars zip through six lanes and highways a communication revolution has removed the hassles in business and lent more punch in the entertainment world, cell phones, credit cards, internet, email, satellite channels, etc. While the famous Dal Lake in Kashmir has been lost to terrorists, the loss...
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