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EDUCATE THE GIRL CHILD A great Vedantist and social revolutionary like Swami Vivekananda stress the need for girl’s education as one of the pillars of the development of our nation. The nation which does not respect women has never become great nor will ever be in future. Manu says where women are respected, the Gods are delighted and where they are not, all the efforts and works go in worse. There is hastily any hope for that country where there is no respect for women. In ancient India, girl’s education had a significant place in the society. However women’s social condition started deleriorating with the passage of time. Girls are purchased and sold like ornaments. Instead of giving education they were subjected to sufferings under the shackles of pardha system and child marriage etc. The neglect of female education led to imbalance in education system as a whole. Girls education is like sowing the seed which gives rise to green, charming and full grown family plant which bears fruits. Today’s girl child will be the mother of tomorrow. As a mother she can give her child a sound upbringing. She has the maximum impact on her children. Women have equal rights for franchise in India. Their education should be...
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