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EDUCATION AND LEARNING ¬† A very favourite subject for essay writing in school is ‘My aim in life’. Students of, both primaries as well as middle classes are often given the topic for writing an essay on. The students also feel comfortable with the subject, because they know that writing about what sounds as an ideal aim in life, such as becoming a doctor, an engineer or a scientist would financially secure their future, would make a good essay. At this stage of life a student is new entrant to the world of knowledge and learning. He is hardly exposed to the vast expanse of the field of knowledge and his own ability and capacity has not been put to any test, for him to be able to decide what is best for him, or in which field he could come out with flying colours. The only test that he is put through is the school exams, which is mainly a test of memory of what has been taught from the textbook and his ability to recall and reproduce it writing in a given span of time. ¬†Obviously the aim of life a student writes about in his school essay is one set by his parents. Loving parents are...
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