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EDUCATION SANS MORALITY¬† Morals are a set of principles for right and wrong conduct. Moral education is all about showing a human being what land of behaviour and conduct is best for him as well as the society. Morals are not just about etiquettes or behaviour. They present the character of a person. They show all the weak and strong sides of his character. Mahatma Gandhi has provided a unique example of this himself. He confessed in his autobiography that when his father was dying, he was having sex with his wife. This shows a weak character but the fact that he had the moral courage to accept it is a reflection of how many morals the man picked up during his life. As George Herbert said, “dare to be true, nothing can need a lie.” However, truth comes from people with morals only. Lies can come from anyone. We all pick up morals throughout our life; it is the education that moulds them into our character. Nobody is born with moral content in him. It is inculcated in him by his education and experience of life. Moral education is the inculcation of values within a human being. Values are the set of guidelines that a human being learns...
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