Essay Topics on EID

English_Master February 14, 2016 No Comments
EID It is turbulence in the world in some region or the other that leads to the assertion of the will of God. He either incarnates Himself as a human being, as the Hindus believe, or manifests Himself through a Prophet. It was the turn of Prophet Mohammad to guide humanity in the disturbed Middle East 541 years after the crucifixion of Jesus. Both had to face the corrupt and dogmatic rulers of the age. They were inspired by the will of the Almighty to be known as the saviours of humanity. Prophet Mohammad established Islamic faith and laid down rules and laws in the Shariat for the guidance of the people. The faith spread like a wild fire. Today near about 1100 million people wait for the sacred month of Ramzan or Ramadan, as it is known in some counties. It is a month of fasts for the devout Muslims. Before the day dawns there is a call from the local mosque you have to take Sahari (food) before the sun rises. The fast continues for the whole day. In the evening you can break the fast at a particular time by having After (symbolic food) As the prophet belonged to the Middle East it is quite natural...
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