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EMANCIPATION OF WOMEN A woman is the curve and mans a straight line. He follows her eternally. Mystery and Enigma-thy name is woman, say Cynics. She takes on a different shape for an ordinary man, a poet and a scientist. Behind every successful man there is a woman. She is there perhaps to tell him that he is wrong. Behind every successful man there is the other woman, say romantics. But all agree mat there would be a woman behind a man. Conversely, there is a man in every woman even in the world itself, literally. Is she also a woe than? Though man has got a companion in her, he has lost his tranquility and mental peace. Manu/ the Hindu law-giver, maintained that no woman deserves liberty. He later says—where the women are adored there the gods live. The woman in ancient India played a different role from that of western woman. She was held in high esteem as Devi, Mata and Adhishakti or energy from which everything else sprang. She was not a symbol of weakness, but of Chaitanya or consciousness. Yet she was exploited and ill – treated and condemned as an evil influence. True, a woman is a combination of the good and bad. She...
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