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EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN  Empowerment of women is the key-device to enable them resurrects their status multifariously in the society and reconcile them to share responsibilities of the fast developing world. It had come out of the consensus arrived at the 40th Session of the UN commission on status of women in New York on March 11, 1996. This device is significant in view of the role that the women can more effectively play in all vital areas where the male factor alone is not capable of any effective and reliable performance in socioeconomic spheres and a partnership is a must throughout the world in these spheres between men and women to ensure the progress in the right direction. Noteworthy is the fact that there exists a wide gap in between the present miserable plight of the women due to the socioeconomic inequalities that have been persistent throughout the world and the new mandates that require a decisive role of women side by side with the men folk. The commission has warned the entire member states of the UNO that the women concerns be mainstreamed to deal  with the impact of the economic and social changes on families Eradications of Poverty, elimination of gender prejudices and discriminations, and providing equal...
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