Essay Writing about ENDURANCE

Jose John May 11, 2016 No Comments
ENDURANCE Endurance means continued suffering. It may be due to prolonged illness, or an irreparable loss. Such things cannot be cured. They say that! “Time heals all wounds.” In some cases, passage! Of time too, could not salvage the damage or loss. The best thing to do is, to endure; taking things as they come. Remember it is also said that, “What cannot be cured must be endured.” There are many moral stories that highlight how to bear the f brunt. A story from Indian Mythology endorses this great moral. Upmanyu was a true disciple to his guru. In those days, Brahmins who took to austerely life cannot claim anything as their own. Even for food, they had to beg. Despite leading this simple, poor and austerely life, Upmanyu, a late teenager was very fair complexioned and handsome. His guru wanted to fathom his honesty. He told Upmanyu to handover to him all the food he collected by begging. Upmanyu did so. Nevertheless, he was good looking as before! When the guru asked how he looked so good, Upmanyu replied that after giving away all the food to him (guru), he went for the second time and collected. The guru banned that practice! Upmanyu obeyed the orders. Yet there...
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