Energy of Youth: Short Essay

Jose John August 7, 2016 No Comments
Energy of Youth The youth of any country form an important part of the machinery that shapes the destiny of a country. It is they who may help to bring about a desirable change in society. History has many examples of a contribution of youth towards progress and upliftment of their countries. The youth of India were greatly instrumental in bringing about the independent movement in the country. Gandhiji, Nehruji and other national leaders depended heavily on the youth of India to help achieve the goal of Swaraj. In our own country half of the population constitutes youth and their vast energies and enthusiasm must not go untapped. They should be utilized for social, political, cultural or economic reconstruction. If their energies are not used, they can go astray; get involved in undesirable and antisocial affairs, thus damaging the very fabric of society. As far as possible they should be encouraged to get involved in the present task of reconstructing India. The youth should be educated at school, colleges and universities in creating a society that is free of the evils of dowry, child marriage, caste and race prejudices. Many organizations are busy in eradicating these evils, but then the task can became easier if the youth are actively...
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