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ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION AND POVERTY Poverty leads to rise in population that stops all types of planning. A leakage in the nuclear Plant at Chernobyl in Russia affected the envi­ronment of whole of Europe and some parts of Asia too. Similarly popu­lation explosion in the regions having two third of the population of the world affects those areas too where population has been controlled. Poor people think that to meet the domestic and economic needs they should have more children. Every child in the family, as soon as he is five or six years of age, starts earning. Although the earning of the child labour is quite meager the family partly rests its hope on him. In rural areas more population means more pressure on land, over exploita­tion of soil, over grazing and cutting of trees. This leads to environmen­tal problems. More water is consumed by the increasing population. Cutting of trees means lesser rains. It leads to the compulsion of fetching of drinking water from distant places. It requires more children. Rise in population means fragmentation of land. Scarcity of water means soil erosion. Increasing population requires more firewood. It again leads to cutting of trees and consumption of weeds. It all means either scarcity of water or sometimes...
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