English_Master February 4, 2016 No Comments
ETHICAL STANDARDS OF LAWYERS HAVE HIT A NEW LOW The television expose of the senior counsel in the BMW case marks a low watermark in the state of the legal profes­sion in India. If the image of R K Anand, a senior lawyer of high caliber, talking to the prosecution’s witness were found to be true, it would constitute a breach of the most basic rule of the legal profession. While it goes to the credit of the Bar Council of Delhi, Supreme Court Bar Association and Delhi high court, which have intervened with considerable alacrity in inquiring into the conduct of Anand and I U Khan, the case also raises im­portant challenges for the bar in India. This incident marks a moment when all lawyers need to engage in some serious self-introspection and take responsibility over the sorry state of their profession. Those who enter the legal profession swear to abide by a code of etiquette and professional standards. Faithful compliance with these norms sustains a confidence in the rule of law. Yet over the past few months, there has been a series of cases that indicate all is not well with the law and the conduct of lawyers is less than impeccable. The beating up of the...
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