English_Master May 19, 2016 No Comments
EVIL OF TERRORISM IN INDIA Like so many other socio-political evils associated with the country, terrorism is also one of them. But i t is the most isolated of them all because it is ‘breaking away’ from the main stream, a section of the people who resort to use the force of arms to overwhelm their opponent. It is a challenge to the authority of the state and a revolt against the entire socio-political order of day in decisive manner. Unfortunately this phenomenon has been evident since long in several parts of the country—Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, North-Eastern regions, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. Except in Punjab, where it has been subsided to some extent for the present, the situation in the rest of the affected areas is still prevalent. While in Jammu and Kashmir the situation has improved somewhat due to better and courageous handling of the situation, by the government after restoration of the popularly elected government in the state. The phenomenon has ‘grown of time’ and not all of a sudden due to different reasons. Now as a national problem it is to be viewed in all its aspect for better understanding of the actual situation so that it can be handled effectively as a socio-political issue...
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