English_Master August 31, 2015 No Comments
EXPERIENCE OF HAVING A TELEPHONE AT HOME Experiences of having a telephone at home are sweet as well as bitter. It is a wonderful facility in a big city like Delhi. A lot of energy, time and money are saved it we just telephone somebody, instead of going. We can have private talks without being disturbed. We can talk to the people who are thousands of kilometers away from us. In emergency, it is the best means of communication. It is also a very cheap means of communication. In today’s busy world, we cannot think of not having a telephone at home. It is a boon. But it is equally a nuisance also. You want extreme privacy and the ring enters like an intruder. You will have to attend to it however busy, tensed or out of spirits you are. Then there are neighbours who want to be entertained as a matter of right because they are ready to pay for the call for otherwise I would be labeled as selfish person. Students are greatly disturbed when they are studying and telephone starts ringing. Many young people waste  hours talking on the telephone.