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FAIR DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH The unequal distribution of wealth in a society is unjust and unnatural. Everyone should have an equal share in the all products of social labour. Everything belongs to all. The sum-total of wealth should be distributed in the spirit of love and social service, as the income of a family is spent among its members at present. The wealth of the whole world is the heritage of all who live on the earth. The very poor who lacks even the basic necessities of life are therefore unjustly deprived of their share they are robbed of what is their due. Some rich people are having too much, while the poor are given too little. Therefore, if you belong to the upper class or to the wealthier group of capitalists and landlords, you are called in the name of justice to make due restitution to those whom you have defrauded and swindled. You possess more than enough, you command the necessities, comforts and luxuries of civilized life, while other cannot obtain even necessities. A part of what you call your money really belongs to them. If you have wealth in excess of what you need, then the excess part is somebody else’s share. It is, therefore, your...
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