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FAITH AND REASON¬† There is no conflict between faith and reason. May we examine the issue in some detail? In this context prayers offered in full faith are very efficacious. Prayer does not change things. It changes people, and they change things. So do not pray for lighter burdens; pray for stronger back. Rabbi Eliezer once said, ‘Turn to god one day before your death.” His disciples asked: “How can a man know the day of his death?” The Rabbi replied: ‘Then you should turn to god today; perhaps you will die tomorrow; thus everyday will be employed in returning to god.” Faith, as embodied in religion, and reason as embodied in science are often but erroneously thought of as being in opposition to each other. Science is not an enemy of religion, only of superstition. Both science and religion are engaged in the search for truth, the main difference lies in the methodologies used. Science is an investigation of truth in the finite nature outside, the object. Religion is an investigation into the nature of the infinite, the subject. Science aims for universally verifiable knowledge. Religion aims for individual realization. We are closer to the physical world than to the metaphysical. We respect science, because it is premised...
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