English_Master February 4, 2016 No Comments
FAMILY EDUCATION Thinking is really a strange thing. When I was a boy I was often long for having a kind of ability in air swimming here and there. It is like a free fish in water and this kind of feeling often appears in my dreams. Therefore I toughly believe I will have this capacity some day. When I grow up I get older. I also know the real person can’t fly like a bird in the air. But class is over one day I suddenly consider I explain other persons’ articles in discuss­ing and talking in the evening. I seem to need writing. I ex­press my minds with others. I say my words for my lovely and my favorite education. I consider for the lovely children and the children those need to be loved. So I have a kind of flying feeling little by little. It is like a fish and a bird in think­ing world. It is joyful and free. I have a kind of feeling like committing a crime if I don’t write some day. So I work hard all the time. One person will meet many things in his whole life. Some of them are lucky or unlucky. Some of them are high or...
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