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FAMILY PLANNING AND POPULATION CONTROL According to 2001 census, our population is about 102.7 crore. Compared to the natural and human resources of the country, India is definitely over populated. Over population is due to rate of increase in human births. Our annual rate growth is 1.9 percent. Let us analyses the causes which have resulted in huge population in India. Several causes account for this rapid increase. The most important cause is that in India marriage is universal; almost all men and women of marriageable age enter into wedlock. The practice of early marriage gives a longer span for reproductive activity. Also tropical climate makes for early puberty. Grinding poverty is still another factor promoting high birth rate. A poor welcomes further additions to his family as he expects his sons to add to his family earnings. Moreover, people here are so fatalistic that they believe that every mouth brings own luck. Lack of education and ignorance also contribute the same thing. Majority of them have no enjoyment, no recreation expect sex life. A proper policy for checking further increase in population should be two-fold. First, it should aim at a quick economic development. Second, it should aim at controlling the rate of multiplication of the existing population....
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