English_Master April 14, 2016 No Comments
FASHION FUSION Fashion, all over the world, has such a sway over anybody, especially with the youngsters and takes the centre stage, with the teenagers and adolescents of both sexes developing a deep-rooted passion for it. Fashion does not confine to certain aspects. It may be about one’s dress, hair style, footwear, riding a latest model 2 wheeler, how they smoke, how they speak, how they behave in public places and so many endless aspects. But what has become more concern about it is that, it amounts to drugs, alcohol, and smoking, going to pub and dancing! Fashion, of course, is not a bad idea. But to what extent one should go for it? To cite an example, fashion is like water to the crops. So long as there is sufficient water, there would be three crops yearly. But when there is a flood and the crops get submerged in the pool of stagnant water, it would destroy the whole crops. Likewise, fashion has some limits! Until 70s, keeping sideburn (whisker) was considered as villainy. The movies portrayed villain having sideburns. But when the Australian cricket team, under the then captain Bill Lawry, visited India to play 5 Test matches in the year 1969-70, their visit kicked up a...
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