FATE AND COINCIDENCE: Essay Writing Topics

English_Master March 16, 2016 No Comments
FATE AND COINCIDENCE “Is there anything like Fate? Are our lives planned out beginning to end? Well, many people believe that there is something bigger than us. That, there is a reason for everything. Some believe that everything is a coincidence. It all depends on if one believes in things of more importance to us. Some believe that coincidence is real and not Fate. However, none of this can ever be truly proven”. Webster’s dictionary of synonyms compares them. Fate suggests inevitability. Fate is the most evocative synonym. It derives from the Latin fari, ‘to be spoken.’ The spoken word is powerful. The word has the power to enspele and ensorcell you. Coincidentally or not, the word ‘spell’ derives from the old English spellen, ‘to be spoken,’ the same word as fari. When one speaks, one casts a spell and casts one’s fate. Coincidence is appropriately more mundane, “a seemingly planned sequence of accidentally occurring events.” One might think the collision of events was fated to occur, but one is mistaken. It signifies nothing. But, searching like we all do for an explanation and a sense of importance, we create our fate by spelling out meaning from a jumble of coincidences. We’ve all had it happen to us. We...
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