FIRE TRAGEDY: Essay Topics

English_Master May 16, 2016 No Comments
FIRE TRAGEDY Even before the gruesome fire accident that had claimed as many as 95 lives of the school children at Kumbakonam in South Tamil Nadu about a decade ago could die down from our memory, the recent similar news that a major fire at AMRIT hospital in Kolkata in which 89 patients were charred to death and equal number suffered burns, rocked the entire nation! Fire, as they say, is a good servant as long as it is under control, but a bad master when goes out of control. Considering some factors, the school fire before and the hospital fire on the first week of Dec. 2011, attribute to some glaring lapses on the part of the concerned. The school had no fire escape route! Nor were there any fire extinguishers! And the teachers there had no knowledge about fire safety. If so, how the Fire & Rescue Service in TN State had given Fire Safety Certificate to the school is best known to them! And in the hospital fire case, the Fire Tenders could not reach the site on time. That was because the approach route to the hospital was so narrow that they could not even Maneuver the vehicle. Thus, the process of battling the blaze...
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