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FLOODS AND FAMINES Floods and Famines are natural calamities and a common feature of Indian life. Our food depends on the Rain God and monsoons are very tricky. Sometimes we get too much of rain and sometimes we get no rain at all. When we get no rain, crops cannot grow in large parts of India i.e. Famine takes place and when we get rain in cats and dogs, our crops are destroyed by torrential rains or washed away by the rivers in floods. In either case our nation suffers. Our farmers pray fervently for normal rains-neither too much nor too little. Floods are caused by three factors: Crowd burst Monsoon depression and Tropical cyclones. Of late deforestation and soil erosion are also causing floods. India depends for its rain a both the monsoons—South western and North-Eastern. It is not possible to control the monsoon by any scientific means. All our knowledge falls flat here. No scientist of the world can so manage the atmosphere to get the right quantity of rain at right time of the year. Rain can be produced artificially but the cost is heavy. Therefore, we have to depend on the Rain God, Indra for our food production every year and people pray with folded...
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