FOREST OF INDIA: Essay Writing

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FOREST OF INDIA Forests are important national and natural resources in India. India possesses variety of forests and vegetation according to its climatic conditions and types of soil. The area under forests is about 1.5 lakhs hectares, which accounts for about 22.1 per cent of total area of the country. Types of forests are more than one. These are The Topical forests These are evergreen and semi evergreen forests where rainfall is between 200-300 centimeters. These forests are located at Western Ghats ranges. These forests are very thick. Tea, sal, sandalwood trees and tea plantation are common in these areas. Thorn forests These forests are dry forests where vegetation is very poor. These forests have scattered growth of wild dates and babul trees which have long roots and sharp thorns. Tidal forests These forests have grown in the deltas of rivers which are subjected to tides. The Ganga and the Mahanadi deltas are more important. In the deltas of Ganga the forests ‘Sundarban’ named after ‘Sundari trees’ which grow there and are used for tanning and fire woods. The famous Royal Bengal Tigers are inhabitant of Sundarban in large numbers. Forests of Himalayan region In the Himalayan region, the forests differ with the differences of latitude or height. In...
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