Jose John June 3, 2016 No Comments
FORESTS: KEY TO HUMAN SURVIVAL Man has proved to be the worst enemy of not only mankind but of the animal and plant kingdom also. The entire history is a mute witness to what man can do to the ecosystem that supports him: He has been chopping off the very branch he has been costly sitting on. Man made disasters like wars and ecological disasters have been as destructive as natural calamities. Hundreds upon thousands of different specimens of animals and plants are now in no danger in our midst and those just surviving are on the run; while animals and birds are being poached to near extinction, the forest or green cover is shrinking. Can man ever hope to survive on the debris and ashes of his wanton destruction? He has realized it too late that he cannot still survive if he goes on the rampage to indulge in ‘ecocide’ to secure short term ends. Many of us do not know that the floods that ravage the country side almost every year are caused mainly by the destruction of vegetation in the catchment areas. This is especially so in regard to such rivers as the Brahmaputra, the Narmada and the Sabarmati. We also forget mat dean water supply...
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