English_Master February 4, 2016 No Comments
FRIENDS ARE A CORE PART OF FAMILY IN TODAY’S GENERATION Sometimes, there’s that horrible hour between night and day when the darkness mirrors your despair, and you just can’t sleep. Your mind is at war with itself and you lie awake wor­rying about what life may reveal tomorrow. The questions hit you like a flood. Did you make a mistake in turning down that new job? Will you be safe on your next trip? Have you saved up enough to own a house? How aggressive should you be with that manipulative, mealy-mouthed bully at work? Will the blood tests come back clear? And then that last, un­forgiving, brutal, clincher of a question leaps at you like a ghost and asks will you have to battle this all alone? But then, you hug your pillow tight, think of your family and friends, and fend off the phantoms of doom. You know that you are loved. And you are secure in the knowledge that there are more than a handful of people in your life who will hold you when you cry, laugh at you when you are foolish and scream at you when you are wrong. It’s not that friends have dislodged siblings, parents, aunts and uncles in the lives...
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