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FROM BRAIN DRAIN TO BRAIN GAIN “The brain drain has been a curse for developing countries like India. Throughout the post World War II era, the best and brightest routinely left for search of better economic opportunities and higher standards of living in the West. Entire graduating classes from the elite Indian Institutes of Technology emigrated during the 1970s and 1980s”. Every year, tens of thousands of highly specialized professionals and academics leave the developing world for what they believe to be a better quality of life in countries of the North. The majority of doctors, engineers, lecturers, researchers and senior managers as well as students are tempted by more attractive career opportunities, salaries and living conditions. A university degree is also the safest passport out of an unstable political environment.  In this era of globalization, the high skilled workers are moving freely and trapping the global opportunities. This -new dimension of international migration is passing through an experience of Brain Drain and then followed by Brain Circulation in many parts of the globe. In many parts of the world, brain drain .is giving way to the process of brain circulation as talented immigrants return to their homeland with technology, capital, managerial and institutional know-how, to harness promising opportunities....
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