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FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS BEDROCK OF INDIAN DEMOCRACY Our Constitution guarantees Fundamental Rights to the citizens which are to be looked upon as inalienable rights of an individual, which every human being is entitled to enjoy if he is to maintain his dignity and self-respect. These are basic rights essential for the realization of the highest good of a citizen. Any violation of these rights can be questioned in a court of law. These are in the form of basic and essential freedoms which every citizen enjoys individually and collectively. These are guaranteed in the form of six broad categories of “Fundamental Rights”, under Articles 12 to 35 of our Constitution. These are Right to Equality Equality before law and equal protection of the law Prohibition of discrimination on ground of religion, etc. Equality of opportunity regarding employment Abolition of titles Right to Freedom Freedom of Speech and Expression; Assembly; Association; Movement; Residence and Settlement; Profession Protection in respect of conviction for offences Protection of life and personal liberty Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases Right against Exploitation Prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour [Article...
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