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GAMBLING WITH SURVIVAL We, the world’s people, want to survive, but more than that, we want a satisfactory life for all of us and for our descendants. To achieve that goal, we need a new kind of development and we must learn to live differently. We depend on the resources of the earth to meet our basic and vital needs. If they are diminished or deteriorate, we risk our needs and those of our descendants. Because we have been failing to care for the earth and living unsustainably the risks have become dangerously high. We are today gambling with the survival of the civilization. We need not lose. We can eliminate the risk by ensuring that the benefits of development are distributed equitably. Our civilization is at risk because we are misusing natural resources and natural ecological systems. We are pressing the earth to the limits of its capacity. The unprecedented increase in the human numbers and activity has had major impacts on the environment. The capacity of the earth to support human and other life forms has significantly diminished. In less than200 years, the planet has lost six million square kilometers of forests, the sediment load from soil erosion has risen threefold in major river basin, and by...
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