Jose John May 16, 2016 No Comments
GATEWAY OF INDIA It is the pride of India. This giant structure, the Gateway of India, has appeared in numerous Hindi films. People take photographs, standing before it. Why is it called so? It is through this facade to the city that the Royal Family and the British rulers had stepped inside India from Mumbai (then known as Bombay Port). Standing like a stalwart at the height of about 80 feet, it was the British who had started building it in the year 1911. Designed and constructed by George Wittetto commemorate the visit of the King George V who was accompanied by Queen, Mary. However, with Sir George Sydenham Clarke, the governor at that time laying the foundation stone, the work commenced and went on non­stop until it was officially declared open on Dec. 4,1924 by the Earl of Reading, the then Viceroy. It outlooks the Arabian Sea on one side and the Taj Mahal hotel on the other. By going around this structure in a boat, it would remind what those great olden days boasted about. It is on the waterfront in Apollo Bunder which offers an added feast to the eyes. For this purpose, there are horse-drawn chariot like coaches to delight the tourists. But the sad...
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