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GENERATION GAP AND THE YOUTH “Individualism, at first, saps the virtues of public life; but in the long run it attacks and destroys all others and is at length absorbed in downright selfishness”—Tocqueville With the nuclear family concept gaining ground, the traditional hierarchy within the family has broken down. Elders feel like intruders in the home of their own children, people are silently witnessing violence to family life, its health; it is tearing apart the fabric of family as an institution. These distortions may be construed to be causes and consequences of the generation gap that is becoming more and more pointed and pronounced with each passing day. Teenagers and the youth are increasingly seen to be beyond control and a world unto themselves. More and more of elders—their numbers going up rapidly—are finding themselves lonely and unable to adjust to the ways of a fast-changing, increasingly busy and self-centred world. The phenomenon ‘generation gap’ apparently delineates two sets of different persons having distinct physical and mental make-up, but in reality it is much more than meets the eye. Essentially, it is a difference in attitude or lack of understanding between young people and older people No society, group or family set-up is free from the tensions and traumas...
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