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GENERATION GAP The word ‘Gap’ interprets different generations – the present and the past – and the misunderstanding between them! This, generation gap is one of the unwritten practices prevailing in every country. Differences, invariably, erupt between the parents and children, teachers and students and the elders and youngsters. Unlike the elders, the younger are fast and dashing in doing a thing. It is not that they are busy. It is just the way they cultivated themselves. This was pointed out many years ago by the UNO that traditions vary as the generation changes and so are the interest, activities, attitudes and many aspects. True to this finding, it is apparent that the older generations are pious, charitable, and followed all the customs, while the present generation has no time for such superstitious belief. Now love marriage is common. But how long would such a marriage last? Sooner or later, they may develop difference of opinion and part ways! In this case, there is not even one elder member from both sides to compromise and reunite the couple. It is not that love marriages are taboo. It is the better understanding between the couple and getting the nod of approval from both side parents as well, before getting married....
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