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GEOGRAPHICALLY BASED MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION Many Whites in the United States have a strong sense of ethnic identity that is tied to their immigrant ancestors’ country of origin (Italian Americans, Irish Americans, Swedish Americans) or to their experience in this country (New England Yankees, Midwestern Hoosiers, Appalachians, and soon). There are many subgroups within the White experience but… many United States Whites with a strong sense of ethnic identity do not have a strong sense of racial identity. Indeed, many Whites take their Whiteness for granted to the extent that they do not consciously think about it. Never less, their identity as members of the White group in the United States has a profound impact on their lives. “White Racial Identity Development in the United States” by Rita Hardiman in Race, Ethnicity, and Self: Identity in Multicultural Perspective, edited by Elizabeth Pathy Salett and Diane R. Koslow (Washington, DC: NMCI Publications, 1994). Among the challenges that face all Americans is to explore race and to educate their children about its impact in society. America is the “melting pot” of society and the most diverse nation in the world. Making it seem from the media that flashes pictures upon our retinas almost every day. In re­ality, we live our lives in increasingly...
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