Essay Writing about GHOSTS – DO THEY REALLY EXIST?

English_Master May 7, 2016 No Comments
GHOSTS – DO THEY REALLY EXIST? Stories and movies about these half-scary lives (ghosts) always thrill. Some private TV channels, including the educative and high-profile Discovery Channel also joined the fray, giving it a title, “A Haunting!” Whether ghosts exist or not, the way they are projected in movies and TVs, is sheer exaggeration with the so-called chilling music building up tension. But science has no room for these hoaxes. And even the police never closed any case that a victim was mauled by this half life! However, ghosts are of three kinds: Delusion, Illusion and Hallucination! Delusion: Dictionary defines ‘delusion’ as a false belief. In other words, it is purely imaginary. That is seeing an object or a thing that does not practically exist! To throw some light on this, when a man is walking in a deserted road late night, he is bound to get some funny ideas about ghosts. The picture of a ghost in white robe or sari that he had seen before in movies and TVs would haunt him. He may even visualize what he had seen earlier on his way and that is one kind of a ghost theory! Illusion: It means a deceptive appearance. When one walks in the fading light amidst...
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