Jose John June 4, 2016 No Comments
GLOBAL WAR AGAINST TERRORISM For ten years and more the serenity of the Kashmir Valley has been disturbed by gunfire and the access to some of the most beautiful spots in the world has been denied to tourists from within the country and abroad. Worse still, enemies from across the border sowed the seeds of discord and hatred between communities in the name of religion, driving the Hindu Pandits out of their moorings to seek sanctuary elsewhere in India. People have lost count of the killings, massacres, lootings, kidnappings and other heinous crimes in the course of the last ten years, all perpetrated by the hardcore militants trained, armed and transported by India’s neighbour Pakistan which has now become a de facto “terrorist” state, though its allies refuse to recognize its demure status as the signboard of international terrorism due to their own enlightened self-interest. Hundreds of civilians and members of India’s security forces the BSF and the CRPF have paid with their lives for the proxy war waged by Pakistan. The Kargil war was the grand climax of the systematic and sustained campaign of terrorism. Pakistan has been waging against India even during the war and therefore there has been no let up in the scale of violence...
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