Jose John June 4, 2016 No Comments
GLOBAL WARMING: THE RISING TEMPERATURE OF THE EARTH The age old proverb everybody talks of weather but nobody does anything about it is not valid in this century. A world wide study shows that average temperature of the earth has risen by as much as 0.2 °C every decade. The rise in temperature is due to global warming which has now become an imminent threat. Our earth today absorbs large quantity of solar energy from the sun. Most of this energy is radiated back to the atmosphere by the earth, and this process maintains the balance of heat and energy on the earth. There are many gases present in the atmosphere, but only carbon dioxide and water vapour absorb this infrared radiation of the earth strongly and effectively block the radiation of energy back to the atmosphere. However a” considerable part of it is remitted to the earth’s surface and consequently the earth’s surface gets heated up. This increase in temperature of the earth is called the Green house effect. The temperature effects carbon-dioxide and water vapour combine together to have a long range impact on the global climate, as the surface temperature increases, the evaporation of surface water increases thereby raising the temperature further. It is estimated that...
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