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GLOBAL WARMING What is Global Warming? Global warming is when the earth heats up (the temperature rises). It happens when greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapour, nitrous oxide and methane) trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere, which increases the temperature. This hurts many people, animals and plants. Many cannot take the change, so they die. Many things cause global warming. One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution. Electricity causes pollution in many ways, some worse than others. In most cases, fossil fuels are burned to create electricity. Fossil fuels are made of dead plants and animals. Some examples of fossil fuels are oil and petroleum. Many pollutants (chemicals that pollute the air, water and land) are sent into the air when fossil fuels are burned. Some of these chemicals are called greenhouse gasses. Cars, buses and trucks are also responsible for over 50 per cent of dangerous chemicals let into the air. Some of these chemicals can cause cancer, birth defects, troubled breathing, brain and nerve damage, lung injuries and burning eyes. Some of the pollutants are so harmful that they can even cause death. Global warming is the greatest challenge facing our planet. It is, in fact, the increase in the...
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Essay Topics about GLOBAL WARMING

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GLOBAL WARMING (Global: Worldwide; Warming: Getting heated up). Of late, this has become a great concern to everybody in every nation. Just what does it mean? It is the increasing temperature worldwide attributed to the blatant mistakes of men. The past 20th century experienced a constantly rising temperature by 0.3 to 0.8 degree C. According to the scientists, the greenhouse effect is the major reason that pollutes the oxygen and gas in the air, with the carbon dioxide attracts the sun rays and warmth. This green house effect is contributed mostly due to the carbon dioxide release into the space atmosphere. It is the greenhouse effect that protects the earth by acting as a buffer between the earth’s surface and the penetrating hard rays of the sun. In other words, if the greenhouse effect declines, the earth will be left wide open to the scorching heat of the sun rays. A study further reveals that over the next 100 years – by the beginning of the 22nd century, (in 2100) – there can be a drastic change in the earth’s heat shooting up to 4 degrees C. How the greenhouse effect is harmful? It is due to burning of oil, coal, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emitted by automobile,...
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Essay Writing Topics about GLOBAL WARMING

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GLOBAL WARMING “The Earth has a natural system of balancing the absorption and release of heat, that it absorbs from the sunlight, but for the—last some years, the balance seems to be under severe threat. There have been enormous increases in gases like carbon di-oxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc.” As the temperature rises, there will be a rise in sea level, due to melting of glaciers and the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica. While sea level is expected to rise almost every year, a considerable variation is seen now a day. In some regions, the rise in sea level may be almost nil, but others might experience a rise of as much as twice the global average. The predictions are that the rise in sea level in some parts of North Pacific and to the West of Greenland may be comparatively more and it can spoil the ecological balance of the respective region. Global Warming has become perhaps the most complicated issue being faced by the world leaders. On the one hand, warnings from the scientific community are becoming louder, as an increasing body of science points to rising dangers from the ongoing buildup of human-related greenhouse gases — produced mainly by the burning of fossil fuels and...
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Essay Writing on GLOBAL WARMING

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GLOBAL WARMING The green house gas connection in the atmosphere has dramatically been increasing over the last 50 years. This has increased almost percent of the observed temperature. The largest contributing source of green house gases is the burning of fossil fuels like oil, gas, kerosene, etc. leading to the emission of carbon dioxide. Global warming refers to a gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth at the lower atmosphere because of the increase in green house gases since in the industrial revolution. When sunlight reaches earth surface some is absorbed and warms in the earth. Most of the rest IR radiated back to the atmosphere at a longer wave length than the light. Water vapour, carbon dioxide(CO2),methane(CH4),ozone(O3),nitrous oxide, sulphur hexafluoride, hydro fluorocarbons, per fluorocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons, etc. in the atmosphere which act like a green house around the earth absorb some of this longer wavelengths before any escaped back in to space. The absorption of this long wave radiant energy warms the atmosphere. This green house gases act like a mirror and reflect back to the earth a part of the heat radiation, which would otherwise be lost to space. The more the concentration of the green house gases, the more heat energy is being reflected back...
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