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GLOBALIZATION AND MULTICULTURALISM As the technology has progressed, the world has seen diminishing boundaries and coming together of peoples of different psycho-social makeup. Sometimes, they intermix with each other while maintaining their own cultures while at other times they may not like each other at all quite often it has been the case that a new culture is born out of the intermingling cultures. For instance, as Indian and Persian culture came in touch, a new Urdu culture was born. There is criticism in UK, Germany and elsewhere in Europe of multiculturalism. Critics say that it failed and the proof is extremism, London rids and Oslo killings. In July 2011, a 32 year old Norwegian Anders Breivik indiscriminately shot at civilians and killed many people. His was an act of intolerance and right wing extremism that stemmed from the migration of Muslims to Europe. Such incidents have done a lot to strengthen the belief that multiculturalism brought by globalization is unworkable in times of recession when opportunities dwindle and there are socio-economic and psychological pressures. Multiculturalism has even been questioned by some of Europe’s leaders like Devid Cameron and Tugela Merkel. The danger is that such statements may encourage age extremism. Societies have been changing fast and there is...
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