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GLOBALIZATION Globalization has come to stay in the world. In a simpler mode globalization just means that the whole globe i.e. the whole world has become one vast market for the supply of all commodities and services. Although it was taking shape in the progressive countries in the eighties of the last century, it became an astonishing reality in the last decade of the millennium. It gained a bit more strength from the dissolution of the United States of Soviet Russia (USSR). Gorbachev, the last president of USSR gave two words Perestroika (restructuring) and glasnost (open­ness) that gave strength to whole of Europe. European countries gradu­ally shaped themselves into European community (EC). It meant a solid backing to globalization that was already spreading like wild fire in United States of America. Thus Globalization dissolved the borders of different countries and economy in all its aspects became an international affair. Multinational Companies were already present in different countries in the form of their subsidiaries. Globalization followed the cult of liberalization. It meant that the progressing or the backward countries became liberal and allowed the MNCs to start their business in their countries. In the beginning the mul­tinational companies started their efforts in small countries like South Korea and Singapore on...
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