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GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES Self-help is the best help that a man can have. It is a precious tool in the hands of a man for his uplift and progress. Without doing efforts, we cannot achieve desired results. It is with own labour, participation and will that a man can get the desired results. Our famous moral-giving scripture Gita also says that it is a person’s ‘karma’ that bears the fruit. Hard work never goes unrewarded. Work is worship. Duty comes first. Often, we hear people complaining of their bad luck. In reality, it is not their luck, but their laziness, idleness and shrinking of work which leads a person to the path of unsuccessful. Many people sit in temples for hour, praying that their wishes be granted. Even god cannot help them until and unless they make efforts. A student cannot get good marks if he does not work hard regularly. The food may be kept on the table but it will not go into our mouth if we do not move our hands. God also helps those who sincerely make efforts and help themselves. The fruit of labour and constant efforts are everlasting and enjoyable. The idlers are neglected by the almighty. It is only...
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