Jose John April 5, 2016 No Comments
GROUND WATER POLLUTION So far as water is concerned there is a general belief and it has been experienced too that the river or tank or pond water may get pol­luted. In this age of chemical formations chemicals have been flowing in the drains polluting the river water after they join the river. The water in lakes and ponds is polluted by men and animals alike. Sometimes (rarely, of course) chemicals have rained too as have small fish and frogs. Thus even rain water, sometimes gets polluted. When pure water is not available and even tap water gets contaminated doctors advice to drink boiled water or go for the water that flows out of hand pump or jet system. It means ground water has always been considered pure and safe. If there are too many or too much salts in the underground water it may be brackish. One may not relish it. Still it may not be a health haz­ard. But of late it was found in Denmark that the infants, especially in rural agricultural areas suffered from methaemoglobinaenia. A research found that it was because of excess of nitrates in the subsoil water. Further in vivo (in the body of plant or animal) research revealed that transformation of nitrate...
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