Jose John June 4, 2016 No Comments
GUJARAT EARTHQUAKE AND AFTERMATH It was the worst natural calamity that independent India has ever seen with unfathomable human misery and destruction all around as one of the most progressive States of India, Gujarat was hit by a massive earthquake, on Jan. 26,2001, part of the Ahmedabad and most of the towns and villages in the Kutch District were razed to the ground. High-rise buildings collapsed like a pack o cards trapping upon hundreds over thousands of people, with a few lucky ones scrambling to safety and a few rescued by civilians, defence service personnel and relief personnel from foreign countries. The number of dead is said to be more man 35,000, but one would never know the exact number as few can estimate as to how many lay dead under the collapsed concrete structure. At least one Indian leader made a guess that the dead could be in the range of 1,00,000 and nobody has challenged him, for everybody knew that not all the bodies could be recovered and the number of injured must be running into lakhs. The entire country and the world rose like a one man to extent a helping hand to all those affected by the gruesome tragedy. Relief supplies came by road, by...
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