Essay on HABIT

English_Master March 16, 2016 No Comments
HABIT –A Good Servant but a Bad Master “Man’s life work is a master piece or a shame as each little habit has been perfectly or carelessly formed. A canvas painted by a Van Gangh fetches millions. One by a slob not even a hundred.”  —John Ruskin A habit is like a tree grown crouched. One cannot go to orchard and take hold of a tree grown such and straighten it and say now get straight and make it obey him. When one is young, he can acquire good or bad habits. One starts doing certain acts for the sake of pleasure, for the sake of fun and if one is doing a particular act at regular or irregular intervals, one is starts enjoying it and starts feeling the necessity of doing it again, at that particular time and it gradually takes a form of a habit. Every chain smoker or a habitual drunkard never starts smoking or drinking as a habit. He simply begins with such an act for the sake of company or for the curiosity of taste, or for the sake of fun in the company of his friends or otherwise and he starts smoking or drinking alcohol. Now and then and afterwards, he consumes it...
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