Essay Writing on HAPPINESS

English_Master February 28, 2016 No Comments
HAPPINESS Some people consider happiness a comparative term. A child is happy when he gets a chocolate, another is happy on receiving snacks. People feel they would be happy if they have a house of their own. The ambitions differ from person to person. A girl or a young-man may have happiness from fashionable dresses, from a picture full of sex and violence. A leader may be happy when he is elected to a prestigious post. One student may be happy securing II class while another may be sad even on having II position in the Board. All these provide us pleasure and joy not happiness. The story goes — a cobbler sat with his box near the palacious building of a businessman. He would work hard throughout the day and would sleep at the same place during night keeping the box by his side. The businessman envied his sleep for he never had a sound sleep. He called the cobbler one day and gave him a hundred rupee note to keep for emergency. The cobbler could not sleep the whole night. He was worried about the note. The next morning he went to the businessman and returned the note saying ‘with thousands of such notes you could have...
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