Essay Writing Topics on HEROES MUST DIE

English_Master April 5, 2016 No Comments
HEROES MUST DIE Blaine the big was half badger and half troll. He was a huge beast (nearly twice the height of a human) and was almost completely covered in spikes. He hated his space colony. He lived with fake trees, fake grass, fake rain, and all sorts of fake things. He longed to live on Earth and see the real things. He tried multiple times to break into the space airports and enter a ship to Earth, but the wizard guards always caught him. One day, while Blaine was sleeping, the DANGER 1 alarm went off. The alarm was only used for extremely dan¬≠gerous situations. Blaine and his pet dorg (a big dog trained to kill), Leo, ran out to see what the commotion was about. He felt cold fear run all down his body. There, right in front of him, was a huge troll. Trolls had horribly big bodies and had spikes everywhere below the neck. It smelt horrible and had a double-ended axe. “What do we have here?” the troll said. “Don’t hurt me-I’m half troll. You wouldn’t hurt me would you?” stammered Blaine. Blaine decided to go for the friendly approach. “Your axe looks … marvelous,” he said. Trolls loved to hear their weapons get...
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