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HIJACKING AND MOST FURIOUS TERRORIST ATTACK  It was Tuesday September 11, 2001 three jet planes took off from Boston for Los Angeles and some other air ports. All the three were hijacked by suicide squads – the followers of Osama Bin Laden. After some time their transponders were disconnected. The hijackers were com­mercial pilots themselves. They used simple weapons like plastic knives to take control of the aircrafts, according to reports based on cell phone calls made by some passengers on the ill fated aircrafts to their loved ones. At 9 a.m. the two planes crashed into the World Trade Centre and both the 110 storey towers collapsed. People saw bodies falling from the high towers and people jumping act. One plane went to Washington within an hour it crashed at the Pentagon. Officials evaluated the White House, official residence of the USA President. Other major government build­ings were also evacuated. The planes that slammed into the Trade Centre blasted fiery gaping holes in the upper horrors of the twin towers. The “southern tower collapsed with a roar about an hour later. The two towers were a part of Manhattan (Commercial complex of New York). Natu­rally all bridges and tunnels into Manhattan were closed down. Several suleway lines were...
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