Essay Writing Topics about HOLI

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HOLI ‘Holi hai’—loud cry rends the air. People with coloured water and ‘gulal’ (coloured powder) move round the city markets and village lanes leaving none. All are their target. None can dare oppose. It is Holi. If your face is not painted and clothes not drenched with bright coloured water this day when will they be? It is the only day of the year when all controls are withdrawn and revelers are let loose on who’s over comes their way. Nature itself didn’t know that man, its own creation, will vie with its rainbow colours. Colours apart the faces may be painted with oily paints and even tarcoal. One may call it just indecent, unsophisticated, unruly, and uncultured-who cares! Even the highly educated enjoy the fun. In the rural North people anxiously wait for the fun as soon as the harvest season is at their doorstep. Wheat and gram are the main crops. The fun and frolic continues for a few days during the season. The harvest brings joy to the farmer’s heart. He gushes it out in the form of a riot of colours and songs. ‘Braj’ area of Uttar Pradesh is the centre of the revelries. But the whole Cowbelt celebrates it. For the vanavasis (tribals) it...
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Essay Writing on HOLI

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HOLI By nature, man likes enjoyment. Holi is a very important festival among the Hindus celebrated in India. It is an expression of joy and is celebrated at the end of the winter season and the beginning of the spring with great joy and enthusiasm. It is the most colourful festival. People spray coloured water or throw colour on one another and sing songs of joy. Elderly relatives are greeted with respect, while young­sters are busy with liquid colour. Holi is celebrated in honour of Lord Krishna. Religious minded people visit Mathura and Vrindavan. In ancient times, people were very much troubled by a demon and they went to Lord Krishna for help. Krishna fought the demon single handed and killed him. Some people also say that this festival is celebrated in honour of Bhakt Prahlad. The day of Holi is spent in great joy and delight Farmers bring in new crops. Old enmities are forgotten and new friendships are made. People take sweets and food together. Some people, however, misuse this occasion by using permanent colours, clay from gutters and in­dulging in the singing the immoral songs. These people should be forced by the society to give up these indecent activities and celebrate the festival with an open,...
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