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HOME SWEET HOME Home is the place where, when you have to go there. They have to take you in.                                                   Robert Frost It is in this fact that the sweetness of home lies. The memory of insignificant things done at home lingers in the mind of man forever. He may become a great man, a great writer or a great politician but he can never forget the embraces given to him by his mother, the stories told by his grandma, the simple games at home remain on the canvass of his mind for ever. He enjoys them more than he enjoys a serial on the TV. Our achievements in life are our assets of course. They inspire us to make more progress. We are praised for our innovations and obeyed for our position and strength. But all this power, pelf and position have short lived significance in life. The perennial things are the kisses of a father, the affection of a sister or brother and the unending love of a mother. The sweet words of one’s own child and the sweet smile of a better half are the treasures one cannot have anywhere else. John Howard Payne agreed ‘Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam Be it...
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